The Aquatic Therapy program at Grace Rehabilitation Center offers complete rehabilitate care to patients in a humid water pool. A skilled team of physical therapists and their assistants utilize the water and independently design activities to restore, improve and/or enhance the functional abilities of a person.

Aquatic Therapy at Grace Rehabilitation Center is a perfect way to ease pain and enhance function. Water gives a fun and comfortable environment to re-initiate body movement. Medical conditions treated in pool therapy could be serious, chronic or transient.  Grace Rehabilitation Center describes this as: The employ of water as well as specifically planned activity by skilled personnel to support in the extension, restoration, maintenance as well as quality of function for a patient with transient, acute, or serious disabilities, diseases or syndromes.

Conditions Treated by Pool Therapy

A lot of people with disabilities could participate in Aquatic Therapy program, and swimming experience isn’t essential. Patients with back problems, arthritis, ankle and knee injuries, head trauma, strokes, spinal cord injuries as well as neurological disarrays are only some of the kinds of people who can gain. A lot of common diagnoses which utilize pool therapy include:

– Back Pain

– Arthritis

– Spinal injuries

– Stroke

– Head Trauma

– Pediatrics

– Any orthopedic condition with pain as well as limited movement

Benefits of Pool Therapy


Water buoyancy helps up to 90 percent of your body weight, lessening the force of pressure put on the joint, thus make it easier as well as less painful to do exercises.


Water viscosity offers a superb source of conflict or resistance in all ways that permits for muscle escalation devoid of weight.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Water surrounding your body lessens soft and joint tissue swelling, spasticity and blood pressure, and enhance joint awareness.