GRC physical therapy service is made by individualized assessment and care. We are made with one goal; this is to aid patients get well from stroke, surgery, sport injuries or orthopaedic, work-related injuries, arthritis, joint replacement as well as serious pain. Each physical therapy program we provide to our clients is warily monitored and middle course adjustments are designed as the needs of the patients and capabilities to change.

Our Evaluation Process

At Grace Rehabilitation Center our physical therapist are well educated and experienced clinicians properly trained to asses and make a diagnosis, using a massive amount of research-based manual tests, so as to assist know the origin of the pain or limitation. This procedure is a comprehensive and concise evaluation lasting about one hour that fully screens the part which is involved.

With the outcome of the physical therapy assessment, client’s goals in mind as well as in relation with doctor’s medical analysis, we can devise a particular treatment protocol to aid you bring back to work, sports or any other activities that you do daily.

We believe that you must totally know your analysis and what the upturn or revival involves. So, together with the analysis procedure, we will teach you on your particular diagnosis and then give details what self-case methods and home exercises will be vital to make the most out of your rehabilitation.


At Grace Rehabilitation Center, we strive to ensure our physical therapists are capable and skillful in all types of manual therapy, in order that we might provide the best and high quality service to our beloved patients. We support our clinicians with many educational trainings and meetings as well as clinical in-services that provide modern and state of the art guidance on the newest manual and research techniques.


Our team of knowledgeable and skilled physical therapists offers many services, both for dealing of existing conditions as well as for prevention of possible injuries. Our clinic focuses in the handling of orthopedic conditions, on the other hand might be capable of serving your needs in other areas as we offer treatments for:

– Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Injuries

– Workers’ Compensation Injuries

– Post–Operative Rehabilitation

– Graston Technique©

– Aquatic Therapy

– Dry Needling